Free shows for people with lots of time

One of the funniest scenes I’ve seen in my recent life:

They’re building a new mall right in front of my neighborhood, across Calle 80. Anybody can get a nice view of the construction from the bridge that takes to the bus station. I was crossing it one sunny afternoon when I saw about 15 people at the other end, staring at the construction site. They were sitting on the bridge’s railing or just leaning their elbows on it, unmoving, just gazing. I thought something had happened. Then I saw them: huge and beautiful, purple, green, orange Hitachi machines with white signs in kanji, dancing on the damp soil. I understood, then, that it was the construction itself what brought their free amusement. I thought “this is my country!” And yes, I live in the country with free shows for people with lots of time, where a simple construction site is the main attraction for a family during a lazy afternoon, where astonishment still comprises phases of life that many have chosen to ignore forevermore.

And I went on, my heart filled with a warm feeling, and a smile on my face.

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