Another Useless Quiz

Since I have plenty of free time right now, I’ll fill up some useless quiz I stole from somebody’s blog. More and more chances to gather facts about Laura Acosta! Weeee! (yeah, I wish)

I TRY: to write something interesting in my Blog

I KNOW: I’ll be able to recover all the things I left in Dubuque someday

I WANT: a new haircut

I WISH: Minori had gotten online today, but I understand he has been losing sleep by getting online at midnight to talk to me

I HATE: my lack of inspiration

I MISS: Minori!!! (and Kotaro, we three spelled the word FUN in huge letters)

I FEAR: I’ll never be able to be together with Minori again

I HEAR: the washing machine, washing my family’s clothes

I SEARCH: for sources of inspiration

I BELIEVE: we are all human and equal despite race, nationality, ethnicity, and all those stupid excuses to subjugate people

I WONDER: if I’ll ever be able to write something decent again, and if I’ll ever be able to publish, or if I’ll become some 9 to 5 office worker who wastes her life by forgetting her dreams

I REGRET: having wasted so much brain and time on Carlos Márquez

I LOVE: Honda Minori (no it’s not a new car, you fool!)

I CARE: for those who care

I ALWAYS: check my email (but I don’t always answer soon)

I DANCE: merengue and salsa when my sister asks me to dance with her (she’s in this very important stage of her life in which she must learn how to dance since she has so many 15-year birthday parties!)

I SING: whenever I feel like letting go of my emotions

I CRY: not very often

I FIGHT: with my sister for the right to use the computer

I WRITE: stupid Blog entries while the muses arrive from their tour around the Timbuktu

I WIN: lots of Neopoints when I play Pyramids

I LOSE: almost every single game I play (I never pay attention)

I CONFUSE: takai (high, expensive) with atakai (warm)

I LISTEN: to Billy Joel and Michelle Branch

I NEED: to keep losing all that fat I gained in Dubuque

I BREATHE: a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and other chemical compounds

I SHOULD: be writing in Spanish

I DREAM: very weird things, like last night… I dreamed that my mom, sister, and I were going to visit one of my sister’s classmates (who happens not to be studying at her school anymore in the real life). The girl’s mom was very mean, and for some reason I got mad and threw away my bags (I had like three bags, how odd) and my books. If I’m not mistaken, I was wearing my school’s uniform (FYI, I graduated a year ago). When I went out of the girl’s house, my books had been spread all around some park in the dark, and one of my bags had been stolen (like of course! this is a city!). I looked for it all around, and there were some flashlights which I turned on, and they created a very interesting effect, which lit up the whole park. Very weird. Anyway, my bag was lost and I had all my Hard Rock Cafe pins there (can you imagine!? my Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco efforts ALL GONE!!!). Then, some time later, I found a bag that looked almost like the one I had lost hanging from a nail on a wall in the street, and I just took it, without pondering if it belonged to somebody else. That’s how it ends. I woke up, very happy to know that my bag is still here and my Hard Rock Cafe pins are somewhere else! Okashi, ne?

I FEEL: full of energy! Michelle Branch always cheers me up

I AM NOT: a typical Colombian girl

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