You’re doing it all in the wrong language!

…and the Imminence of Christmas

The lights. The stars. The jingles. Red and green. Everywhere.

It’s been hardly a couple of days since a feeble attempt to recreate Halloween took place, and Christmas is already in the air. Already—! In November!!!

Maybe it’s because we don’t have falling leaves nor pumpkins nor apple cider that we get Christmas so soon. We have nothing to entertain our minds with while the green/red hullabaloo arrives. We ignore what it feels to have the cold breeze blowing out the candles of summer, rain being replaced by thousands of feather-like vegetable flames. Days are endless, identical twins succeeding each other, an infinite army of time.

We need Christmas to get out of our routine, to see old faces which seem new every year, to change the appearance of our houses in order to start anew in January… The same old routine with a brand new face— or is it a new routine there where we’ve always been?

All I know is, it’s too early for the firs to be chopped down. If only we had little squirrels to chase those non-existent winter blues out of our minds…

Huh? Huh?

Double major? Single major? Master’s degree? Dropout?

Literature? Languages?

Two years? Four years? Six years?

English? Japanese? Chinese?

A translator? A writer? A teacher? A housewife?

Colombia? United States? Japan?

Oh, time, what have you hidden under your sleeve?