In How Many Metros Around the World Have You Been?


Not many. We rode Minori’s car in St. Louis, buses and cabs in Buenos Aires. Miami… I got to see downtown only once! I also realized I rode the Muni and the cable car in San Francisco, but not the Bart.

I’m not that keen on trains. I’d rather ride a car or a bus, it feels much more like you’re inside the city, part of it, and not in a parallel tunnelway which magically takes you from place to place. However, the San Francisco Muni did feel like a bus, somehow. Oh, San Francisco, I miss you so much!

Kohaku Beach

That feeling on my feet
That itching
Aching feeling
Like hundreds of
Baby shrimps clinging
To my skin
That feeling which could be
Easily avoided
Couldn’t I desist
Go back to the blazing asphalt?

That little feeling I have
Chosen to live with
Until your eyes of horizon
Tell me it’s alright
To swim
Into the perpetual wonder
Of your then present