Your Brain Says: 満足

Last night I dreamed that I met Utsumi Sensei and thanked him heartfully for having sent me to the University of Tsukuba.

He treated me then to a giant purple and blue ice cream.


This feeling has been resting quietly in my heart like a young tapeworm. It should grow without me ever noticing,… except that I feel it feeding itself upon my inner tissues, drinking my blood, leaving me with ghastly cheeks and eyes that gaze nowhere.

I’ve felt alone numerous times, but abandoned… abandoned at the edge of the world, that’s how I feel. Sometimes I’m scared of the emptiness around, as if all left to see from my balcony were sheer black.

This so-called town, this agglomeration of dorms—It’s so close to Tokyo, and at the same time so far… However, I don’t know anymore if Tokyo is what makes me happy. I’ve walked its streets for hours, I’ve seen the sunset reflected on myriads of windows, I’ve been surrounded by flocks of salarymen flowing out of enormous stations,— and yet, the awe begins to feel incomplete.

It is time to set sail for new horizons. Golden Week in Kansai, here we come!