I didn’t have to go to the Japanese Embassy today. It’s a shame, somehow. I like to spend sunny days commuting, or actually doing something much more fun than thinking about all the reading I have to do. It’s not even that boring, but I’m not looking forward to it.

I should’ve brought with me the file for my Japanese History homework. I’d finish it gladly.

I want my music here. I want Minori here. I don’t want any more Spanish Literature. Maybe no more Literature at all! I’m tired of monotony.

Maybe I should go read my stuff. It’s much better than sitting here…

Man, does this city bore me! I’m so ALONE!

Life is good.

And it’s going quite the way I wanted it to go.


Why yes, I do have New Year Resolutions! It’s just that they came into my mind a little late. Are you curious and idle enough to go through them? Well, here you go:

In the year 2005, I will:

  1. Exercise.
  2. Get rid of my old clothes
    1. And buy new ones
  3. Stop spending so much money on food
    1. Especially from Crepes & Waffles
    2. And with the sole exception of Japanese food, or something equally exotic and tasty
  4. Plant flowers in the front yard
  5. Spend less time in front of the computer
    1. And more time reading, or cooking, or embroidering, or gardening
  6. Read more books of my own choice
    1. Eat up the whole Asian Literature section in the library
    2. Ignore the fact that I hate reading when imposed

And that’s it. It’s somehow ambitious, but I hope to stick to this list and fulfill it.


And then again, there’s me. Just me. Gloomy me, lonely me, bored and boring me.