Coming Up

Look at the road, so long and lonely and untrodden. What lies ahead is impossible to see. It’s scary, yet tempting.

Shall we step on it?
Shall we follow it?

Yes, we shall.


You don’t feel like you’re actually leaving, do you?
No, I don’t.
But you are.
We’ll talk about that later, when I pinch myself, blink hard, and see the same funny characters staring back at me.


I dreamed of Jefferson Airplane last night. I don’t know what that may mean, but the music I listened to then was awesome.


peaches and coffee and cows and weddings
hands and eyes and lips and noses
your voice and your gaze and the sound of your breath

streets and benches and malls and supermarkets
beef and sushi and beans and Chinese rice

young Tatanka Iyotake
the way you write your J’s

the names of colors

childhoods and song lyrics
words we made up
from misspelled signs

and us enjoying every minute
of the life that waited

for a very exact moment
to break the wall
between origami and bonsai lessons
and finally see each other