Weaving, weaving, weaving. Waiting, waiting, waiting. He’s trapped in another dimension, close to the land of Barbie dolls. I am here, enslaved by the degree I wanted so much and of which I keep doubting. I read, he reads, we type.

Six years, and we’ll get out of the labyrinth. Nous sortirons.

Six years seem like an awful lot of time. All I can do is seek refuge in music. Will patience last so long?

Only time itself will tell.


There are some things in life I wish never to lose, like the memory of a solitary crescent moon in the sparkling clean twilight.

I knew it!

Chiaki Kuriyama played both the really cruel girl in Kill Bill and the really cruel girl in Battle Royale!

I knew she looked familiar!

Excessively good music leads to insomnia.