Happy Summer Holidays!

Waking up on a weekday and having no homework, no paragraphs to memorize, no kanji to practice, and no need to hurry feels weird.

Suddenly the mind has empty spaces, and those empty spaces start filling up with memories of the food you used to eat, the ones you love and miss, the weather you were used to, the texture of your own pillow…

Which is why you must strive to reconquer those invaded spaces with new sights and experiences. After all, when you go home, you will miss this place too.


Sometimes I wish I actually had a say on things that happen around me, and not just accumulate anger in silence.

It’s impossible for me to understand the whys and hows of what’s going on in Lebanon, but it hurts enormously.

I wanted to fulfill my grandfather’s dream of visiting Beirut, but that may turn impossible. I don’t care whose fault is it— I just wish it could stop. But no, it won’t, just as the war in Iraq won’t, just as violence and ignorance in my own country won’t. Innocent people will keep dying in the name of whatever it is that one can call power’s latest disguise.

Kinda hopeless, this world, huh?


This is me preparing for finals.

Mon anniversaire, une fois encore

I’ve just turned 22, but I keep thinking I was born in the wrong decade. At least in terms of music.