You’re My Home

My sister received her yearbook yesterday. It was kinda hard not to see myself there. It’s like there’s a big community I had belonged to for a long, long time, and suddenly, I’m gone! I don’t belong there anymore. Due to the fact that I’m not in college yet, I feel like I don’t belong anywhere outside my family. It doesn’t matter, anyway. This adaptation process is still slow. The city is cold, but my house is wonderful. It’s like the only place I want to be is home.


It’s tough when the definition of “home” breaks up in two: one of the pieces remains in a place I’ve known all my life, the other is loose, bound to me by strange forces. What to do? Where to go?

we are words

we are what we write

nothing else


I’ve been looking for Japanese restaurants in Bogota, but it seems like I’ll never be able to try any more Japanese food while I live in this country. Everything costs an eye of the face! Japanese food is absolutely fancy here. It used to be something quite normal for me last year! Ugh. Well, it was expensive in the US too… ne? Hmmm, I can feel the taste of unagi in my mouth… irashaimase!

I guess I still don’t have anything interesting to say because I haven’t done a lot of exciting stuff around Bogota. I mean, I just came here. This used to be my all-time home, and then I left for DBQ, and now I’m back. It’s awkward. My friends are now memories and frequent emails (Kotaro! Minori!!!) . I’m still trying to adapt to the place where I had spent my entire childhood. Are there many (or any) friends right here? I wonder how things will be when everybody’s busy. Are we still the same? How far apart are we drifting?

I feel like I want to gather all my special people with a lasso, like a cowboy, and keep them forever. However, I can’t keep my friends: it is them who decide if they stay.

I hope they stay…


Cutest thingie in the whole wide world!

Please say Konnichiwa to one of my loves: GINSHARI-SAN!!! The cutie sushi rice is here to make my sleepless night. I love the San-X characters, even though the only place in which I’ve found them has been in Kinokuniya (a store in Japan Center, San Francisco). Too bad.

I feel like I haven’t said anything smart so far. Maybe I should try sleeping…

Japanglish— So Strange Time!

Now that my dear Mino-chan is out enjoying the sun in Okinawa, I found this sign posted by someone to the uber-hilarious website:

Okinawa Vacation

It’s so strange time!


I wonder if Minori is having “so strange time” in the island! hahahaha it’s so funny, hontoni!

Everyone who comes to this blog and speaks English should check out this inclusion of weird English in everyday Japanese marketing.