Love According to The New York Times

Exhibit A: “After a first attraction when they were each married to someone else, a couple are married after intervening years.” (ages: 44 and 46)

Exhibit B: “The bride works in Manhattan as a theater historian and president of the Al Hirschfeld Foundation; the bridegroom is a philanthropist.” (ages: 74 and 91)

Exhibit C: “The couple met by e-mail in May 2009 after a match was brought into play by a friend of Ms. C’s family.” (ages: 26 and 28)

Exhibit D: “The couple met on JDate and were engaged 51 days after their first date.” (ages: 28 and 31)

Exhibit E: “The couple were prevented from getting closer for a while, when she visited him with her two cats as chaperones.” (ages: 31 and 39)

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