The Current State of Things

Every morning I wake up thinking exactly the same thing: how strange it is to be in love! Not to merely reciprocate someone else’s unexpected fondness, but to spontaneously begin to feel something warm flowing inside like a new kind of blood. In the shower, on the wall, there is a jelly octopus clasping its tentacles around a fish, attesting his earlier presence in my home. I stare at it and think: how strange, indeed! To be happy and not to doubt for one second that this joy is real, to know that there is no need to look hard in order to find the tiniest remnant of a reddish cinder—for everything, everything around me seems to nod and say: he loves you too!


  • jerojasro wrote:

    It’s weird to read entries like this one. I feel up to some extent like an intruder.But it is here, instead of being in a private letter to (an specific) someone, or a file in your laptop.I could not help reading it and thinking of my SO, and evoking that warmness.Thank you.

  • Olavia Kite wrote:


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