Sometimes I ponder about love.

I caught a glimpse of love last summer. My camera froze a pair of faces smiling cheek to cheek under the midday sun, and there they are, looking at the world all dreamy from their perfect flat landscape. But here where we breathe and walk those mouths no longer smile, and if they do, they do on their own, submerged in different shades of blue. The magnet attached to my little heart seems too feeble to attract another one in order to beat together. Or maybe I’m stuck in a North-North situation: try as hard as you can, you simply cannot join two magnets if they’re not facing opposite poles. And I wish the metaphor made sense, but I’m always the opposite, never the same—yet I’m always repelling whatever moth approaches my flame.

Sometimes I think I’m meant to be alone forever. It doesn’t really strike me as a tragedy, as I have plenty of things to do on my own. I’ve got stories to write, and pictures to take, and drawings to make. However, sometimes I do wish for stupid things like cheek-to-cheek smiles. The kind that last. I wish for a North-South.

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