Breathing Black

The scent of ashes cannot be removed from this house. Soft voices break the silence gently, like a boat on thin ice, like an echo in Antarctica. The urge to strike these keys has hindered my sleeping, thus leaving me here, with the invisible coal and the music. There is so much to miss right now…

If only one of you were here to comfort me, to remind me of the sweetness of rendezvous. However, how can anything be not sweet when one has been chewing on bitter roots all day long? I definitely need to sleep and forget, but my bed faces a window, and tomorrow’s morning sky will be as deep and empty as today’s. The streets are full of new faces, but the fact is I don’t need new acquaintances when I’ve seen so much through your eyes; I retrace your steps and wish I had said this or avoided that absent glance which had left you so puzzled the other day —It was such a sunny day and our conversation seems to have worn out along with that pair of shoes I was wearing —And I wish I had held your hand into the bright sidewalk and told you Point anywhere and I’ll take you there and left you so many more memories than you actually possess—

Your eyes stare at me from that frozen instant, and my arms hurt from all the ungiven hugs, my lips ache yearning for kisses left to decay in the wind… and I realize this loneliness cannot but grow, engulfing what’s left of my crumbling heart.

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