TFF! (Yearning, Missing, A Thousand Shards of Me)

Last night I dreamed about Minori and Kotaro. We were all together here in Bogota, having fun as we usually did in Dubuque. We spent the entire day going around the city… Man, I do miss them.

And maybe these Friday Five will be just dreams. My favorite things seem to have evaporated. I married the wrong girl, a friend of mine in whose lips I can’t find a tinge of passion… (I’m sorry for those confused, it’s just an allegory for something that’s troubling me, and I just can’t say “I married the wrong man “… maybe the image of a wrong girl whom a man can’t stand makes a better image in my mind.)

At this moment, what is your favorite…

1. …song?

Gessekai , by Buck-Tick. No, I’m not an otaku and you all know it! BUT, I’m a j-pop and j-rock fan (thanks to Kotaro/Scudelia Electro, and Minori/Hi-Standard, The Blue Hearts), so I’m quite obsessed with this song… I listened to it carefully when Minori stayed here and watched Nightwalker. As you might have guessed, I now watch Nightwalker every now and then. It was nice to sit on the floor, eat oranges, watch that tv show together… It made my nights worthwhile. Too bad he’s not here anymore. And he’s going to be farther yet very soon.

2. …food?

I’d bet my life on saba sushi. No, I wouldn’t bet my life. But yes I’d love to eat some sushi right now. I guess I’ll have miso soup for breakfast.

3. …tv show?

Sakura Mail: Tonma saw Urara crying in the rain, and despite her sadness, he said, he saw her shining . This vision made him recognize at last the love inside and kissed her. Could it get any better? I’m shattered.

4. …scent?

Honey. If the world were mine, it would all smell like honey.

5. …quote?

Unfortunately, my world right now doesn’t come in quotes, but in melodies. Give me that crescendo in Indefinitely , by Travis, and my heart will find a temporary balm.

Not enough? Then take this: “I really miss you.” Minori said this, and this is all I need. Yeah, people, I’m shattered. I’m thinking of divorce, but–

I’m made of glass, 9.8m/s^2 pull me faster and faster, and the floor is so close, so hard…

Maybe the noise will be beautiful, and then I’ll be reflecting rainbows all around the room.

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